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Cigna Dental

Among health-care service providers, one long-established name stands out.  That name is Cigna Dental.
You’ve probably heard of it, but did you know its foundations go back over 220 years?

Cigna’s antecedents date back to 1792, when the Insurance Company of North America (INA) was founded in Philadelphia.  In 1982, INA merged with the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, itself a company founded in 1865, to form Cigna.

Cigna is therefore a company with combined experience of over 300 years.  If you seek an affordable way to obtain proper health for you and your family, then your search ends at Cigna.

Cigna has maintained the high quality of its services over those decades, and Cigna Dental Care makes your visit to the dentist more cost-effective.  If you are a member you can choose a dentist from their nationwide network, and some plans also give you the flexibility of choosing any dentist.
So, if you are a member of Cigna, you can avail yourself of the services of reliable dentists at a very low cost.

Cigna Dental Plans

(For a general overview, see our ‘Cigna Dental Plan‘ page).

Apart from the unique plans Cigna offers, you can also enjoy other benefits, as you don’t have to file forms to claim.  Cigna Dental has number of dental plans, let’s see briefly how these plans are useful for us:

Dental Care DHMO:  You have to visit one of the dentists from the network.  For most diagnostic and preventive services, you don’t need any co-payments. If you get a second opinion that will be free of cost. It covers two exams and cleaning per year along with X-rays and fluoride treatments.cigna dental

Dental PPO:  Under this plan, you can visit any licensed dentist, it’s not necessary that dentist should be part of their nationwide network.  It covers most preventive procedures and that too at a minimal cost or at no cost to the member.

Dental Exclusive Provider Organization (DEPO): The member can visit any of the dentists on the nationwide network and for special care you don’t need any referrals. Whole cost or a part of the cost is reimbursed to the members after meeting deductibles.

Cigna Flex Advantage: As the name suggests, this is the most flexible plan. Here members can shift from one scheme to another. You can do it when the need arises and this can be done without any hassles or questions from the company’s side.

Dental Plans

In short, Cigna plans are the ones which deserve your trust and that is why they are popular. The best part about all the plans is that the member is entitled to most preventive and diagnostic

cigna dental

treatments. All plans are good and you have to decide which one best suits your needs.  They can reduce your dental care cost a great deal too.  Think practically; you are saving 62-83% by going to the network dentist, your regular access to dentistry will reduce the likelihood of major dental problems, and you can obtain discounts through their reward programs.

In my view, good health and quality service, at affordable prices with so many discounts is not a bad deal.  That is why I recommend Cigna Dental, and mark my words, you will never regret your decision about this matter.  Cigna Dental will make you a happy customer who keeps coming back.

Cigna Dental Plans