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Have you heard of Cigna dental insurance? Cigna is a global health care services provider which was established in 1982. Cigna has a long history of good quality service and attention to the values. Owing to it, Cigna Dental Insurance made its mark in the market. This long-standing company offers you services with extensive experience.

Cigna dental insurance is one of the popular plans. Other than dental insurance, this company offers medical, accident, life and disability insurance. Now the question arises, do we need Cigna Dental Insurance, and for the answer, just consider the number of visits you make to a dentist and the fee which he charges for every sitting. Apart from your dental problem, you also have to bare the dentist fees. So Cigna dental insurance coverage helps you to save the large amount of money which you spend on dental bills. After taking this policy, be confident of the good service and the best coverage. To suit the need of every person, Cigna dental health insurance came up with a number of plans. No doubt, the cost of the plan and the service which it provides varies from plan to plan. As it is said, ‘a decision is the commitment to act’, before taking your decision about which plan to buy, go through all the available options carefully.

Some of the popular Cigna Dental Insurance policies are:

Cigna Dental Care (DHMO): In this plan, you can only visit those dentists which are in the panel of the company i.e. in the company’s nationwide network. The best part about the plan is that you don’t have to file the claim, no annual dollar maximum and also most preventive services are covered. In some of the cases, braces and other orthodontic services are also covered under this plan.

Cigna Dental Insurance PPO: This plan is a bit flexible. If you go for this plan, you can visit any of the doctors, no matter whether he/she is on the company’s nationwide network and you will get the all the cost or part of it reimbursed. To avail the benefits of this plan, dollar maximum and deductible are a must.

Cigna Dental Insurance Traditional: Under this plan, you can visit any of the licensed dentists of your choice. This plan covers most of the preventive and diagnostic services, and that too at a very minimal annual dollar maximum.

Cigna Flex advantage: This is the most popular and the most flexible plan which Cigna offers. According to this you don’t have to stick to any one plan. It is possible to switch on to any plan- DHMO, PPO, traditional whenever you feel like.

Cigna Dental Insuarce plus saving program: This is basically not an insurance plan, but by using this you can avail the discount on dental services of the doctors that are in the company’s nationwide network. Using this, you can save up to 32% on one visit. To take the advantage of this you just have to carry the Cigna Dental Insurance membership card.

So, if you are looking for a good dental insurance, going for Cigna dental insurance is a decision which you will never regret in the future, as the company has so many plans to suit the needs of every customer; things can be further customized according to the situation and at the same time there is the guarantee of the quality which Cigna provides to its customers. Just know about Cigna dental insurance and you will love everything about it.

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