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The Importance of Dental Assistance for Seniors

The Importance of Dental Assistance for Seniors

dental assistance for seniorsAs we age the needs of our teeth will change. Over the years regular cleaning, brushing, and general taking care of your teeth will reduce the chances of you having dental problems later on in life. Despite this problems can still arise and there will be a need for dental assistance for seniors. According to one study performed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 25% of all senior citizens have lost one or multiple teeth. That means you have a 25% chance of needing dental treatment for just losing a teeth if you are a senior. That doesn’t include the need for fillings, crowns, bridges or any other restorative work in order to get your teeth and gums back to a healthy condition. There are a number of dental problems seniors are more susceptible to and they include some of the following:

Gum disease

Inflammation of tissue resulting from dentures

• Jawbone left uneven due to loss of teeth

dental assistance for seniors

• Root decay

• Oral cancers

• Thrush and other fungus overgrowth infections caused by ill-fitting dentures

• Dry mouth caused by reduced saliva flow

• Disease of the gums

• Darkened / stained teeth

The Importance of Dental Assistance for Seniors

If you do not have some sort of dental assistance for seniors or a dental insurance plan and the health of your teeth declines, you are responsible for the payment of all costs that incur as a result of your oral examinations, x-rays, consultations, etc. You will also need to pay for treatments as well as any after-care you may need. As you can probably imagine, this will get more than a little pricey. Be ensuring that you have a plan in place, you have a better chance of not only having better oral and dental hygiene but if you should need any treatments, you won’t find yourself out of pocket for them – something that can seem a very daunting situation if you are on a low income.


Plans such as those offered by Cigna Dental which are specially designed for the elderly give you the chance to have dental assistance for seniors that is both affordable and functional. You have the option of choosing from a network of over 92,000 dentists which means traveling a great distance won’t be an issue – you will always find a dentist local to you to do the work you need. Not only that but you’ll be saving over 37% on average for the cost of your dental care. When you consider that although age isn’t the main factor but definitely a contributing one to many dental issues for seniors, having some sort of plan in place to help pay for the costs of your senior dental treatment is a very wise move. Of course there are some dental insurance companies out there that go above and beyond which means the monthly premium you’ll pay, pays for itself. Again Cigna offer many extras on top of just dental assistance – hearing care aid and vision care are included alongside supplements for diabetics and even savings on prescriptions. When you weight everything up over the long term, signing up for a dental savings plan might just be the smartest move dental assistance for seniorsyou’ve made this year!

Do you have dental assistance for seniors?

Oral Health America recently released statistics that showed only three percent of the senior population of America had dental plans in place. This is a shocking statistic when you consider that the mature adult is the largest and fastest growing age demographic and the one with the most dental and oral problems too. Dental insurance and savings plans are a very smart way of protecting yourself and your teeth as you age. With the option of picking from a large selection of dentists and making use of the great extra savings your plan will offer, it takes just one call to Cigna to get talking and getting your plan into action. If you were to crunch down on an apple and lose a tooth right now, would you have dental assistance for seniors in place to cover the costs?