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Understanding Dental Plans to Pick the Right Cigna Dental DHMO

 Cigna Dental DHMOWhen it comes to picking the right kind of Cigna Dental DHMO there are a few to choose from which from first glance, can make things a little tricky. The whole idea of dental insurance is to make your life a little easier when things go wrong – when you crack or break a tooth and other unexpected dental expenses and procedures. Understanding what you are signing up for is essential to making sure you have the right kind of coverage. With the right dental plan you will find it easier to keep up with dental costs and it’ll also make keeping up to date with dental hygiene a lot easier too. You will be more likely to stick to checkups, attend regular appointments and teeth cleanings and also undergo preventative treatment. Overall your teeth will be in much better health and they’ll be whiter and brighter too.

What is Cigna Dental DHMO / Dental Insurance?

Working in much the same way as medical insurance, your Cigna Dental DHMO gives you benefits for a specific premium or rate and there will be differing levels of coverage depending on the amount you want to pay. With both individual and family plans on offer you can be sure that your loved ones have the same coverage as you do.

What are the Different Kinds of ,Cigna Dental DHMO Plans?cigna dental dhmo

There are four main kinds of dental insurance plan you can pick from from the most basic coverage to the maximum.

Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plans – You have a network option with this plan of dental insurance giving you the option to pay a portion of your treatment costs and being able to choose from a network of trusted dentists. This option will offer a good balance of your choice of dentist plus the cost of the work and as a general example you will find that out of the costs, you will pay ‘coinsurance’ of around 20% on preventative treatments while the plan will over the 80%. Again as an example, bridges and crowns would probably work closer to a 50/50 split. This will all depend on the kind of Dental PPO plans you go for.

Dental HMO or Pre-Paid PlansCigna Dental DHMO is a perfect example of this and is basically referred to as a prepaid plan giving you the opportunity to budget for what you can afford. You will choose one dentist or dental surgery for all the work you require rather than the network offered with the PPO plans and specialist work will often need to pre-authorized and referred.

You will generally find that the copayment or coinsurance won’t apply here and your coverage (dependent on plan) will foot the entire bill unless you visit a dentist other than the one specified.cigna dental dhmo This is the cheapest option for dental insurance plans especially for families and dependents. It’s literally pay as you go.

Discount Plans – Although not technically classed as a dental plan as such it is a way of paying for dental treatment and procedures that would otherwise prove very expensive. Normally set up by the individual dental surgeries themselves, you will pay a fee each month for a bigger discount for when you do eventually need treatment. This isn’t a bad idea if you rarely need to use your dentist but you will need to look at the monthly costs to see if the price is worth it for you.
As you can see the biggest differences between the dental plans come down to the choice of dentist you have, the kind of price you want to pay, whether you want to pay in advance or as you go, and whether or not you will need to pay out for any out-of-coverage costs. With Cigna Dental DHMO plans you are covered not just for your routine treatments such as teeth cleaning, checkups and x-rays but also for major services such as crowns and bridges, basic care including fillings and other basic restorative procedures and preventative care. In fact with Cigna Dental DHMO plans you’re covered with everything you need for dental insurance that keeps you smiling!